The Project - Cricketvalleytransmission
This photo of the Con Edison right-of-way simulates how a monopole will look in comparison with the existing lattice-shaped towers.
The Project - Cricketvalleytransmission
The Cricket Valley Transmission Upgrade will be carried by state-of-the-art monopoles.
The Project

Cricket Valley Energy Center appreciates the patience of the community as project construction proceeds according to schedule. Project work is regularly scheduled Monday thru Saturday between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. Any work occurring outside of that scheduled timeframe must be pre-approved by local and state authorities.

Please check back often as this site is updated frequently.

Construction Update

  • Danger tree clearing in the Con Edison right-of-way is complete.
  • Foundations for all transmission towers are complete.
  • The first phase of helicopter-assisted installation of transmission towers is complete.

Next Up

  • Remaining transmission towers will be installed by the end of September.
  • Helicopter-assisted installation of the new transmission line conductor will occur during October and November.
  • The line is expected to be fully installed no later than January 14, 2019.

The Cricket Valley Transmission Upgrade in southern Dutchess County, NY, has completed the Article VII Process and was granted a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need by the New York State Public Service Commission on April 20, 2016.

The approved project will co-locate a new transmission line next to the existing 345 kV Line 398 inside the existing 14.6-mile Consolidated Edison (Con Edison) transmission corridor between the Cricket Valley substation proposed in Dover, N.Y., and the Con Edison substation in Pleasant Valley, N.Y. The existing traverses (east to west) the Towns of Dover, Union Vale, LaGrange, and Pleasant Valley in Dutchess County.

Click here to view the Order Granting Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need. 

This project is not part of any of the following transmission line projects:
NY Transco Edic to Pleasant Valley; NEXTERA New Scotland to Pleasant Valley;
North American Transmission; or Boundless Energy transmission projects. 

Project Map Cricketvalleytransmission
Map of Pleasant Valley to Dover Transmission Line