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About Cricketvalleytransmission
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Cricket Valley Energy

Cricket Valley Energy is an approximately 1,100 megawatt (MW), natural gas-fired power plant approved for an industrially-zoned site off Route 22 in Dover, New York. The 193-acre property, located at 2241 Route 22, is adjacent to existing energy infrastructure, including electric power lines and a natural gas pipeline. The property has a substantial tree buffer that will minimize visual and sound impacts. The location provides an important opportunity for economic revitalization, creating jobs and tax revenue for the Town of Dover, as well as being a very favorable site on the NYISO grid for a new generation facility. These factors combine to make it an ideal site for Cricket Valley Energy’s clean-burning natural gas power plant.

Cricket Valley Energy is an affiliate of Advanced Power Services (NA), a leading energy development company based in Massachusetts.


Advanced Power 

Advanced Power AG is a privately-owned company, established in 2000 to develop independent power projects in Europe and North America. Advanced Power AG has over 7,000 MW in operation, under construction or under development in the United States and Europe.